How do we handle success, when we win two or three

Wizards Insider

It’s one thing for the Wizards (5 10) to have a losing record after the first month of the season. It’s another thing that the Wizards have been hammered in almost all of their losses this season. They have lost eight games by double digits cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk this season, with the last embarrassment coming at home against Charlotte a team that arrived at Verizon Center with zero road wins.

But the Bobcats made themselves feel right at home on Saturday night, as they never trailed and built a 24 point lead in the second half. A loss like that especially after the team had played so well the night before in Miami should seriously hurt. And fake designer bags , for some players, I’m sure it did. It was just a little shocking to enter the locker room and see Nick Young playfully arguing with Gilbert Arenas over a shipment of Louis Vuitton shoes near Arenas’s locker stall. After a game like that?

Flip Saunders took responsibility for the loss high quality designer replica handbags wholesale , claiming that he must not be doing something right if his team follows up a brilliant performance in Miami with an absolute stinker. Saunders played all 12 players on his roster, trying odd combinations, to see what would work. Nothing did. In the third quarter, Saunders had a lineup that featured Earl Boykins, Fabricio Oberto, Dominic McGuire, Caron Butler and Andray Blatche just the group he surely envisioned having to call on to bail out the team when it fell behind by cheap louis vuitton bags from china 22 points in the third period.

“I wasn’t good tonight, because when you fall behind like that, you start searching and you’re trying to throw all people out there on the Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags floor. We couldn’t get anything to sustain,” Saunders said. “You can’t mess with the basketball gods. If you don’t play hard it gets you in the end.”

But Saunders really had a tough night finding anyone to give him anything. How replica designer handbags many more nights can he expect Antawn Jamison to get zero rebounds? How many more nights can he expect Arenas to attempt zero free throws? Saunders probably won’t have to worry about Jamison, but for the first time this season, he expressed some concern over Arenas, who has started to regress of late. Arenas finished with just six points and six assists and cannot figure which direction he wants to go right now or if he’s capable of going in any direction with confidence. He’s scored just 15 total points his past two games.

“What do you expect me to do? Go out there and score 30?” Arenas asked after going just 3 of 11 from the floor. “I’m not going to go out there and try to score 30 when we have a lot of offensive players here. I’ll take the shots I feel are sufficient for me. Other than that, the offensive load’s on everybody else.”

Saunders said after the game that he hasn’t held back Arenas at time this season and blamed fatigue from playing heavy minutes early in the season for Arenas’s recent slump. has urged him to be aggressive, something that Arenas confirmed.

“He keeps telling me to be aggressive, but I don’t know. I haven’t been that guy in two years,” Arenas said. “So I’m just trying to find my way that I’m comfortable again and getting the trust of the team. Right now, I don’t know if these guys trust me to take 10 straight shots. I don’t know if I trust myself to take 10 straight shots. So for now I just pick my spots while Nick comes along, while Caron [Butler] gets his mojo back and while waiting for Twan.”

The most disconcerting part of the night, is the players couldn’t agree fake designer bags how they lost track of everything they did well the previous two games. You could search for excuses as to why the Wizards played like their legs were stuck in cement for an entire game, but it wouldn’t really explain how poorly this team looked against Charlotte.

Asked why the team lacked energy from high quality replica handbags china the start, reserve forward Andray Blatche said that we needed to ask the starters. “I’m just a role player. I play my role. I do what I’m told Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags and that’s it,” Blatche said. A few minutes later, DeShawn Stevenson said it was up to the bench to provide energy for the starters when coming off a tough back to back game.

Caron Butler was asked if there was a need for a greater sense urgency for this team and replied, “The last three games, we won two games. I’ll take that, and let’s start another streak.”

Jamison said the team should want more. “The question at hand is, are we going to sacrifice? Are we going to be focused enough to do this high quality designer replica handbags wholesale night in and night out. Not just big games or when our back is really against the wall. How do we handle success, when we win two or three in a row? Do we do the necessary hard work that we need replica louis vuitton bags to do to take it to five or six? Or are we going to be satisfied with the up and down play? I don’t think we’re going to be satisfied at all.”

They certainly can’t be satisfied now.

of course a lot of open shots weren’t falling, but that when you have to get aggressive and take it inside, draw some fouls. arenas, butler should be driving more instead of taking contested jumpers.

arenas looks awful right now. i think he still has the talent to put up 30 on any given night, but 1:1 replica handbags his confidence and his decision making are poor at the moment. i dont know what the answer is.

this team, more than anything, needs constant motivation. jamison and miller seem to be the force behind that.

I can understand AB being pissed, but Flipper can not cajole these infants.

It is beyond time to cut bait and clean house and yes start over. We are never going to win with these attitude retards.

Charachter is paramount and totally lacking.

Good bye ga,bh,ds fake louis bag ,cb. Time to cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk go young and see what we can get if anything for these motley crew of veterans. Blatche can say what he wants as far as I’m concerned bc he worked tonight and has virtually every game. I’m getting sick of CB and quotes like “well we won two out of three.” What kind of idiotic comment is that? How about the fans show up for two out of every three home games you moron!? Can the average American half bake their job every third day without getting fired!? CB, you are rapidly becoming my least favorite player and rather worthless on the court as well.

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